With a large and varied repertoire, pianist Jonas Frederik plays concerts consisting of works by the great, romantic composers like the piano cycles by Robert Schumann, the piano gems of Chopin, both the introverted and virtuoso devilries of Liszt and also the works of the great Danish composer, Niels W. Gade.

In addition if desired, Jonas Frederik also provides an opportunity to hear undeservedly rarely heard piano music, from composers such as Akira Ifukube and Hisatada Otaka from Japan, Eric Zeisl from Austria and Danish composer Vagn Holmboe.

Danish brochure – download PDF here

»Concert-goers paid tribute to pianist Jonas Frederik with standing ovations after the concert. As a soloist he unfolds his entire rich sonorous world and conveys the music with intensity.«
– From newspaper review

»A divine pianist despite small hands. With a touch as light as a feather and weight where it is appropriate. In great, great harmony with the orchestra throughout.«
– From newspaper review

»A particularly expressive artist … he possesses a sound reserved for the few!«
– John Damgaard, concert pianist